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Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an exciting new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies and micro amperage current….

Pain Management
FSM has changed what is possible in pain management. FSM can treat chronic myofascial pain quickly, easily, and comfortably. Nerve pain from nerve traction injuries, disc bulges, herniations, herpes and shingles can be treated successfully by FSM Practitioners.

There are protocols for kidney stone pain, disc and feacet joint generated pain that give rapid and often lasting relief. The protocol for fibromyalgia assiciated with neck trauma offers pain relief, unprecedented changes in inflammatory cytokines and hope for the 2 million patients who suffer from this condition.” 

How does FSM work?

FSM uses very low level current in the micro-ampere range to influence the production of energy on the cellular level (increase in ATP production up to 400%), and to support the body in managing inflammation and resulting pain.
During a session, which can last from 20 to even 120 minutes, a series of pairs of frequencies is used to support the body and its cells in restoring optimal electric frequency patterns, which were disrupted through any kind of tissue injury. Your practitioner will be aside with you and consistently check for the tissue changes where applicable. 
The current cannot be felt because of the low level energy. FSM is safe, and adverse effects are rare. Contraindications are mainly pacemakers and pregnancy.

Until today the mechanisms through which the frequencies cause their beneficial effects on the cells, the tissues and the nervous systems is not clear. The current theory is that the frequencies would interact with the receptor site on the cell membranes and support beneficial signalling. In my opinion, it can also be considered that simply by applying the microcurrent a beneficial amount of electrons is delivered to the tissues which supports metabolism and charge in the extracellular connective tissue matrix and at the cell membrane site.  

An outline of conditions in which FSM can be helpful:

myofascial pain including sciatica and tendon or ligament pain, headaches, back pain, sports injuries, wound healing, neuropathic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.  

Microcurrent is  such a weak and mild current at an intensity of some millions of an ampere that it cannot be felt. 

Two channels are used to apply a pair of frequencies to specified areas of the body using in most cases convenient warm wet towels or conductive gloves. 

You will be laying on a massage table or sitting without having any stress during your treatment. Your therapist will check for the changes you make during your treatment. 


FSM can only really work when the tissues are hydrated.
Before you come to any treatment session make sure that you had at least 1 litre of water during the last two hours prior to the treatment. 


The same is true also for other treatment types. This is the reason why 
the connective tissue re-hydration techniques of the MELT – method are so important. 


At Tybmas-Health frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) is used in combination with other therapies such as the trigger shockwave therapy or as an alone standing therapy. In most cases you will need a few sessions for lasting results.   

Fees for a microcurrent session depend on the length of a session. 



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