MELT Method

MELT is an easy self-treatment technique that uses a specified roller and hand and foot balls to reduce chronic pain and to help you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime.

“You can´t be efficiently mobile if you are inefficiently stable.”
Sue Hitzmann, the creator of the MELT method, New York


Connective tissue hydration is the key to a long pain free life. 

Only when the connective tissue, also called fascia, is hydrated it can fulfill what it is supposed to do from the first day we live – 

the body wide fascia system gives our body its shape, flexibility and stability. 


The Problem

Daily life creates tension and stress
in the body (from sitting at a desk to running a marathon);
emotional, mental, and environmental stress adds to it regardless of age or diet

Repetitive motion
creates tension in the connective tissue that surrounds every joint, muscle, nerve, bone and organ

Accumulated tension causes dehydration
in the connective tissue which interferes with the nervous system´s ability to regulate itself and slows down the body´s natural healing processes

Domino effect is starting with aches and stiffness
and is leading to neck and low back problems, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems and injury. Accelerated aging and chronic health problems can follow.

The Solution

When the connective tissue is hydrated and free of stuck stress, your body functions more efficiently and natural healing occurs daily.

MELT is a breakthrough technique that directly addresses tension and stress and slows down the aging process by rehydrating the connective tissue and rebalancing the nervous system.

No other approach directly treats these two systems – including nutrition, exercise or meditation.

MELT is to the neuro-fascial (nervous and connective tissue system) what exercise and rehabilitation is to the musculoskeletal system.

Add MELT to your current routine to boost the effects.


MELT improves


Alignment & Posture

The results of exercise

Joint mobility

Sleep & digestion

Overall well-being

MELT reduces

Aches & pains



Tension & Stress


The risk of injury

At Tybmas-Health you can learn how to MELT. 

Dr Rainer Viehweger is a trained MELT instructor and offers you both 1 to 1 treatments or organises introductory workshops and starts MELT classes on request. 

Of course, most of our clients are encouraged to add MELT to their daily health and fitness programs. 


We find solutions for everyone to benefit from what MELT can do for your health and wellbeing by re-hydrating the fascia system and making the nervous system working more efficiently again.  

Please ask for MELT!

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