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NES HEALTH body field scanning

REBA test

Mind over matter. For everything that happens in the material world there has to be an idea, an intention. Ideas and intentions are pure information. 

If we look at our bodies we find the whole organism followed by smaller body regions, in which our organs are embedded. Inside the organs we find tissues, then cells. In side all cells we find cell organelles and macromolecules such as proteins and the DNA. 

Every molecule is made of atoms. Atoms have a very small, but massive nucleus in which we find the protons. In the width of the space around the nucleus we find the electrons. Today, physicists consider all subatomic particles to be electromagnetic standing waveforms, basically light. We can also call them spacetime oscillators. Since a single subatomic particle occupies a very small space, its oscillations have a very small wavelength and therefore the highest frequencies. A frequency is a repetition rate and is able to transfer and store the highest amount of information.       


Our thinking causes the neurons in the brain to start firing and transmit electric signals to other regions of the brain until the signal arrive at the midbrain and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the control center for the autonomous nervous system, and also sends signals to the hormone system.  From here the microcirculation and with it the oxygen and nutrients supply is controlled and directly controls the cell metabolism. We clearly see that information controls chemistry. Mind over matter. 

If our thoughts are fearful, and we feel a thread, the body and all cells are under stress and in survival mode. This is consuming huge amounts of energy that we miss for happy and joyful life.    

The oscillations of our electrons and protons create a field, an interference pattern which is controlling our biochemistry. The field in shaped harmonically, but is influenced through the activity of our thoughts and beliefs

We can scan the shape of important areas of the body field using the NES Health system.  

And we can analyse the strength of the body field and identify parasitic beliefs using the REBA test device.

It is possible to assist you in changing your negative beliefs with the help of NES infoceuticals.    

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If you like to work with me on changing your beliefs using this combined approach that I can offer you online, please contact me. 

The fee for a consultation is £120 and includes the NES health body field scan and the remote REBA energy test.

You can set up a free NES Health portal account here. If you set up an account you have immediate free access to interesting information about the NES health system, energetic healing and practical life style tips. After we will have performed the body field scan together, the results will be visible for you on the portal. We will analyse the results together, and you can order the recommended NES infoceuticals.        

In our online Zoom or Skype session we will also perform the remote REBA energy test.  

One session may easily take 60 to 90 minutes. It is recommended to start with 3 sessions over a period of about 3 months. I also offer you an initial free 15 minutes online chat.  

For further and more detailed information please explore my website.

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